15 December - Gouda by candlelight. Seeing it again!

Tante (Aunt) Bep, in December 1969, when I was back in Gouda, after 13 years in Sydney, urged me to come with her to the market square.
Turned out to be the annual lighting up of the Christmas Tree, in front of the town hall.
I’ll be in the Netherlands in December and I mentioned this on a forum about Gouda and so it was that this article has appeared in the local paper:

HEADING : At last to Candles evening
Sub-header : Gouda (-born) Australian, Joop Mul (=Jo Mulholland = Ozcloggie=MrJoop) delighted to visit (Gouda by Candlelight)
" GOUDA . Ex-Gouda-born, Joop Mul (66) has been living in Australia 53 years, but has not forgotten his city of birth.
Moreover, in various forums on the internet, he does not miss an opportunity to let his warm feelings towards Gouda be known. "

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