"Whom can I expect to visit?"

Move the clock forward a few years and there are Mr and Mrs de Vries ( whose son named me Joe ) at my parents’ place,

on the occasion of the welcoming (or was it farewelling?) of yet another of my parents’ relatives. (My mother’s older sister and brother-in-law.)
My father repeats things and one of his mantras is:

_Ja. Ik denk wel eens: Wie kan ik nog verwachten? Maar ik kan niemand meer verwachten. We hadden ZO veel vrienden en kennissen.

( Yes. Sometimes I think to myself. Whom can I expect to visit? But I can’t expect anyone to visit. We had so many friends. )

It’s so true. Basically, being funneled through the various migrant hostels but particularly the last one helped to create a very large network of friends and acquaintances.
Then my father becoming the president of one of the social clubs and his habit of inviting people for coffee extended this network even more.
The photo above, is really only a sample but it does contain the core or inner circle of my parents’ friends. One binding factor: regular card nights.

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