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In 1969, I enrolled in the “Art Teachers Conversion Course”. It was my first experience of formal art lessons. Soon other...

Spreading the word, about People on Bridges.

Opa Postma (maternal grandfather,) turned the Red Bridge. It was the link between the suburb of Gouda, called: De Korte Akkeren (The short acres) and the main part of the City of Gouda.
It was his last location, and possibly the longest, in his career as bridge and lock keeper.

Via the internet, and a book written by my cousin, for and by his children, I discovered that I was not the only grandson who was sometimes allowed to stand on the bridge, while he operated the device that turned the bridge, while grumbling people watched and ships laden with goods, on their way from Rotterdam to Amsterdam were allowed through.
THIS gave me the idea of making the current challenge, for the Bridges Group:
Please have a look.

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