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Movement, at last!

Mixed emotions!
I am not particularly keen on the Redbubble Challenges, although I loved the rubber ducky challenge, which was on, before challenges popped up everywhere.
I don’t particularly feel like a full-card-carrying member of the Sydney group and…..yet….. I think it’s funny that my picture made the top-10, in the Movement Challenge.
(Perhaps there were just 10 entries??!!!!?)
As I probably explained when I first uploaded the picture: That night was such a Doctor Who experience, for at least a few seconds!
I had gone into enemy territory (A talk in a Sydney city, after-business hours, office building, organised by Dutch-Link, an organisation about which I also have mixed feelings.)
When I felt it was time to go home I had gone down a deserted corridor and suddenly found myself in what looked like the vehicular exit.
A cleaner who spoke no Englsh, realised my predicament and pressed a (secret) button, on a wall and the roller-door rolled up and (Like Dr Who suddenly back on London’s streets) I was in Pitt Street, with traffic rushing by.
Thanks to whoever actually voted for the picture that captured my experience!

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