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Reflecting on the things that kids have said.

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It reminded me of how some very trivial throw-away lines, for some reason stayed higher up in the memory than others.
It has been my part of my job, until I retired, to sit and have my ham-and-salad sandwiches, with the kids (pupils) for many years.
It’s strange how I remember a boy, at my last school, telling his classmates, over lunch, how his brother videoed himself, in the toilet. (Well, now look. He’s not the only one.
How this cute little girl, also in sixth grade, in a country school was telling her friends, also within my hearing, about her mother, on the kitchen floor, with the boarder.
There’s one that somewhat haunts me. The fair-haired boy, from yet another school, on the soccer field, while the team was getting ready to play, who described something that I still don’t want to write down. (The father acting out a kind of fantasy.) This was before it was made mandatory to report this sort of thing to senior management.
I wonder if parents realise how much teachers hear, during casual conversations.
The boy who had the brother with the video camera (when they were still a novelty) still makes me laugh when I remember how he just made it into my school soccer team but, really, he was not competitive.
During the half-time break, while I was doing the usual Let’s go out there and beat that other team-talk, he had a question!
Turned out to be about something I’d said about mathematics, the previous day, in class. (Much more on his mind than doing btter in the second half.)

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