Nothing Yet

Jan 29, 2008
I have not posted anything today yet because none of my art work is on the computer yet. Today I am going to tell people a little about me. I grew up kind of a spoiled child, like most now a days, but in this point in my life I feel like I’m headed towards never having anything. So, that brings me to change, in some way or another I have to do something with my life. Debt is starting to consume me, slowly but surely, and I still live with my father and his two brothers. I have a girlfriend trying to go to college, but cant afford it herself, and on top of that lives with us in the “bachelor” house.
Art has always been a hobby for me, I seem to get better on my own doing it than when I took classes in school. Comic books have always fascinated me along with millions I suppose. Writing them comes almost more naturally than drawing them, so I’ll probably post some short stories over time on here too.
Well I hope any who reads this learned a little about someone today.

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