friday the 13th-nothing scary

Friday 13.7.07

Oh my-I forgot to wear black (fri the 13th?!).

Mr Fix It is wearing thin. It may just be that he has a little cold, it may be because parents are away-but he doesn’t know why to tell me, so I can only guess. He doesn’t mention wanting his mum and dad and he’s only got a little bit of a runny nose, he’s a bit wistful, and seems to cry a little bit more today.

He was a bit “I not” to begin-I’m in bed, I’m asleep, go away. This is typically two year old behavior though-they’ve learnt to power of ‘no’-how it affects them, how he can use it, to what effect.

He gradually warmed up, eating (some) of a big bowl of porridge Baba had made. It’s still a little ‘play-off of the grown ups’ when there are two around. He hadn’t eaten much brekky and run off. I coaxed him back, but he’d decided it was enough, and hid behind Baba crying. That was it for breakfast. Unusually though, he was hungry an hour later (if he’s eaten enough at brekky, he doesn’t usually get hungry til lunch). He had an apple at the time, then had no appetite for lunch. Barely touched it. May be part of the cold. At bath time, he didn’t like it either and was keen to go to bed. Without a story. Without lots of cuddles. Straight to sleep.

He had had a big adventure today though. We dropped Baba off at the mall. I saw the markets were on, so we visited, picked up some lunch, rode the ride on car. Then walked back to car, stopped at the park and played amazing soccer. Mr Fix It is a greater kicker! He kicks in a straight line, dribbles the ball and throws it high in the air. Impressive. All that fun may have simply equaled a good wearing out.

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