Hello MrFixIt and Samo

We have found the site and are very excited – what a fantastic thing! And the photos of himself are super.

This blog is from 2 parents who left MrF in Sydney to travel long distances in cramped quarters called planes to a land that Mr F doesn’t yet know about physically, but with which he has a spititual bond. Domes of gold, theatre of every kind, a jazz festival, white nights, canals, boats, crime, Doetstoevsky, a Hermitage, cold neutrons, glammour and glamm. Once we computer ludites work out how to download images, you will see.

We miss you and bro Nick and love you so much. And, Ms Sam is the best!

If Inna could see the site once we download, it would be wonderful.

Blog soon.

D&O (not the shipping line!)

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