friday friday

well, I was about to say monday, monday…like I can’t remember what day it is- a good sign I’m living and not counting minutes or anything…and am in the right place for friday.

Small fry seems to be growing up big all of a sudden, but perhaps it’s because I’m spending more time here…he is talking more too, so we’re get to know more of his personality.

Today’s highlights. Running, running to the park, seeing a digger, finding a huge pile of sand and dirt to play in. He asked me to sing ‘Artemisia, Artemisia’. (this is not a common occurance-I actually only heard HIM sing it once-he must of remembered how much I liked it when he did). And no 1classic- “I not a cool dude, I’m J. I’m J, a boy.”

He has reiterated this a few times. ’I’m, little’. We discussed Shrek-that he is an ogre, and that’s his name. Like Nicholas is a person and his name is Nicholas (“Nika!”) And mummy is…and Daddy is…and he NAMED them! Well. I was impressed.

He took himself to bed almost today-he wanted to go home and sleep. He drank a whole glass of water…and to me that’s impressive, since he constantly claims he hates it. We’ll get there.

We read “what am I” and remembers the professions of all the kids.

And we have some fun photos to add today-he’s really started to pose and pull funny faces. Dundundahhhh-just like Nick. Uh-oh! Lucky we have lots of cute J to remember him by.

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