Back from Vacation

Hi everyone.. I’ve kind of been missing in action over the last 3 weeks. I was in Thailand where days on Koh Chang consisted of something like:

9:30am: Get up and wander down to ‘Treehouse’ for fruit shake/omelet/bacon & eggs/muesli. Treehouse is a guesthouse/restaurant, built as a treehouse over the water on a small rocky peninsula on the south-west coast of the island.
10:30am: Go to the beach
12:30pm: Go to local family run restaurant, Faeong Fa and order beef noodle soup and a Chang beer or water depending on the state of dehydration.
1:30pm: Return to beach.
4:30pm: Go to the local shop and buy a bottle of Mekong whiskey or Samsong rum and a softdrink of some kind, swig a bit of the softdrink and replace with whiskey/rum and sit on the beach to watch the sunset.
7:00pm Return to Treehouse for their nightly BBQ and band. BBQ barracuda/potatoes/kebabs.
9:00pm Head up to ‘Magic Garden’ for a late movie, admission 1 beer.
11:00pm Bed.

Repeat for 2 weeks, then insert 1 week in Bangkok for shopping at the end. Not a bad break.

So my apologies for my lack of attention to your work, I’ll be going through some of it later… looking forward to it..

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