Burmese monks against a military junta...

Hi Guys,

You may have seen on the news over the last week or so, the amazing rallys of protest that are occurring all over Burma, lead initially by the countrys monks. A military junta has ruled over Burma for the past 4 decades, notoriously and quite publically abusing the human rights of it’s own people. Most notably in the house-arrest of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who won a democratically formed election in 1990, but was refused ruling power by the junta.

This weighs heavily on me from a personal level. Having been to the country, spoken to it’s people and seen tears well up as they spoke of their dreams to have ‘the lady’ released from arrest and parade her people.

People speak politics in hushed voices. Tourism is only a very recent thing to the Burmese but we found they would carefully use every opportunity to let us know what was going on.

Unfortunetly our media plays more importance on such issues as Brownlow medals so this will rarely make headline news. All I ask is that you spend a little bit of time, to understand what is happening in this country. The Burmese are a dignified people with traditional cultural values but they are at the whim of a superstitious and violent junta.

Please just spend some time to try and understand what is happening in this country, if you don’t already know.

There’s been some wonderful photography of Burma on this very site.

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