Backpatting and how to deal with it.

Ok there’s been a hell of a lot of talk on here lately about the wanton majority use of overly positive comments on peoples art. We’re an artists community! There’s no sadness or negativity on here right?!

Opinion is not definitive.

This issue simply will not die. It’s been here since I joined in….god knows I propose the following.

Add another check box to the upload page. Have this labelled as
‘Open to constructive criticism’ .

When the picture is perused by browsers they will see a lovely banner near the comments box that says ‘This artists encourages constructive criticism’ or something along the lines.

Naysayers will say ‘Hey we already have a critique section’ … well I suggest it’s not working. This needs to be nipped in the bud now, I’m getting sick of the whinging.


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