I've been nominated!

Just thought I would let you all know that I’ve been nominated for a
Ledger Award.

This is the 3rd Annual Ledger Awards, acknowledging excellence in Australian
comic art and publishing.

I’ve been nominated in the Artist of the Year category for my work on Vigil.
With all honesty, with the likes of David Yardin, Matt Godden and Trudy
Cooper as my competition, I’d say have Buckley’s of bringing off the win,
but it’s quite a buzz to be nominated.

Also making a strong showing are my compatriots at Local Act Comics, with
Graeme McDonald nominated as Writer of the Year for Vigil and After Life,
and Dave Cunning nominated for Production Design of the Year for his work on
the overall design of Local Act Comics. Well done guys!

Local Act Comics has also been nominated for Achievement of the Year, which
in my opinion, it truly is. The last is a People’s Choice award, so feel
free to visit the site and vote.

If you want to vote in any of the People’s Choice categories, here is the
link to the voting form.

Many thanks to those who visited the Ledger website and nominated, be it for
me or anyone else.

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