Reflections on Charing Cross Station

Railway stations it must be said, are interesting places. They are interesting if you like watching people come and go, and if you are keen on experiencing the pulse of a new city or destination.
Charing Cross station in central London is one of these places. Perhaps if you stand in one place long enough, you may come across old friends or acquaintances, on their way to destinations unknown. It is here the tide of humanity ebbs back and forth, converging from all points of the compass for one brief moment in time.
From an artist’s viewpoint of course, what better venue could you have for observing your fellow travellers ? The early morning rush of commuters at Charing Cross is truly a sight to behold. LIterally thousands of Whitehall-bound workers pour through these portals each day . Clad in look-alike business suits, all intent on reaching their workplace on time, they exhibit a certain sameness in their manner and clothing.
It was these factors that I tried to incorporate in my pen and ink drawing “Charing Cross Railway Station” at present being shown on Redbubble. A whimsical view perhaps, but one that I hope reflects a part of life in the city of London.

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