Entertainment outback style

In these days of PS3 video games, and widescreen plasma televisions, the thought of creating your own entertainment is often regarded as old hat. Why bother…. – in 2007, the electronic media can now provide all we ever wanted, and all we have to do is to sit back and enjoy the experience.
It was this thought that inspired me to create my latest drawing – Singalong at the station – because it recalls an era when people actually made their own entertainment. My composition shows the interior of an outback homestead, with sun streaming in the window, a barren landscape outside, and members of the family enjoying themselves around the piano, with Aussie-style home-grown entertainment.
Many Redbubble readers may remember when it was considered OK to sit around the piano, and have a rousing singalong without the help of digital TV or video games.
I suppose this helped unite the family group, particularly in more remote regions, and it was a fun thing to do. And when you are hundreds of kilometres from the nearest city, you are by necessity forced to rely on your own efforts for entertainment.
I’m not saying that today’s electronic marvels are necessarily a bad thing. After all, I couldn’t have posted this entry without the help of my laptop and Redbubble’s marvellous website. Computers are a useful tool, digital televisions are quite fantastic – but sometimes I reckon that a few beers, a honky tonk piano and some rousing songs produce just as much pleasure !

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