I am the originator and developer of LatroArt. “Latro” derives from the word “Latrodectus”—a genus of spiders, most of which are black widows. LatroArt can be defined as “to draw and paint using the elements and principles of spider-web construction.” Of course, spiders use many techniques to create webs.

In the normal painting process, the relative lightness or darkness of a color defines form. Strong contrasts in value within a composition may define the boundaries of forms. Gradations of value or shading also create the illusion of contour and volume.

With LatroArt, I create an image mostly with straight lines such that the contour line is minimized. The movement and energy in the lines have a continuous flow. Three-dimensional shape—illusion of depth and form—is created by simply tweaking the lines.

As a kid I loved adventure and was always curious about everything I saw. Spider webs fascinated me. I would watch the slow webbing process for hours. Who knew that I was being inspired to someday invent a new style of painting? For a few days in 2002, I stayed with a friend in his basement apartment, which was dark and infested with spiders. One bit me, and when I returned from the Emergency Room, I found myself staring at the spider’s web. For a minute, I forgot about the bite. I got lost in the world of imagination, and LatroArt was born. That bite changed everything for me.

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Mr Caution Art comments one FAA

Congratulations! I’m pleased to say your artwork is of a very high standard and has been featured on the home page of the iSAW group, well done! / The Jones Collection / London, En – United Kingdom / Love this concept and the execution :-) / Akhila Hegde / Bangalore, Ka – India
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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait