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Mountain Bike Group

Ok, I thought I’d inform you all that a new groups has been created called ’Mountain Biking which is lead by Stevie Millgate and Myself are your Mods.

The aim of this group is to either have your work critique on or without critique so, with that in mind:-

Firstly, uploading your work for public viewing without critique in the usual way and rules etc:-

Secondly, uploading work for critique. When uploading for critique please state in your comments that you are looking for critique, help and advice. We encourage you to ask even the simplist of questions, however small. Dont be affraid to ask for advice, thats what this Group is all about.

We want this group to be a learning group. We want you all to take superb Biking pictures. We want you to learn about composition, colour, contrast, camera settings, working with low light conditions, using fill flash and more importanatly, sharing tips as to how you achieved superb biking pictures. Please be fair when commenting on
other members works with positive critique!!!

Its very important you all follow these rules. We want you all to to have FUN while learning from fellow members.

Its also important to know that both Colour, Black and White, Sepia works are acceptable.

Please only upload 2 images per day. We are not fussed on how many works you have in the group, members can
still learn from older works.

lastly, please respect the Moderators AND each other. Anyone showing signs of dis-respect will be asked to leave. The Moderators will also remove images that are not within the guide lines.

So, now that all the stuff is out of the way, if you think this is the group for you, get uploading now and have fun.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing your work.

Take good care

Stevie and Bill

Click here to join the group

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