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Lesson Learnt...!!!

Firstly, Happy New Year to all.

Now, my year has kicked off in flying form…NOT…!! This morning I noticed that one of my external hard drives wasn’t showing on my desktop so, with some investigations I established that it’s dead…!! Well and truly. Yep that’s right, can not recover the data as well which has pissed me off big time. Mind you I have been backing it up over the 3 years I’ve had it but I just can’t remember how much of it I have backed up. Anyway, there goes 100GB of images. F*%#ing great….

The good thing is that it’s one drive that I didn’t really use that much as it was rather slow (USB 2.0) to import RAW images into Photoshop and I only used it to store older images once converted to jpg which I’ve taken some years ago. My other externals are firewire which are much much faster. Cry, cry…… Well, enough said.

So, a lesson to all that have external OR internal hard drives “MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR DATA”.

Have a great 2009.

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