Buyers' Booth - The Pet Diaries

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I get lonely. My wife will go off and leave me alone for weeks on end whilst she’s off gallivanting with bikers and weaving hair lanyards or something depressingly proletariat like that. If only I had a pet like a dormouse or a gecko, I could pretend I had some normalcy in my life. Caring for a hairy thing other than my wife would make me appear more compassionate too, or summat. I’d quite like it if I had one like Itsvilma’s with super pet powers:

Or one that could potentially dress itself since I can’t quite manage that for myself, like poor mange-ridden EllasLead:

Why yes, I would quite like to feed my evil robot cat off my plate of questionable-looking orange ethnic food, like Jim Tee here. It would make me feel like at least there was one creature in the world who loved me as much as wanted to kill me:

Sigh, maybe one day Diary, maybe one day.

And so ends this entry in Mr Baxter’s Pet Diaries.

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Mr Baxter – Superintendent of Spotting Good Pictorial Efforts

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