Mr Baxter's Best. 2009. The Buyers' Booth.

Part 6: The Buyers’ Booth

It’s Christmas Eve. For some reason I am in the office, in my best suit. It’s partly because the wife is shaving and I don’t want to lose my appetite for tomorrow, and it’s partly because I want to see how many of you are still hanging on for surely the Best of the Best ofs. The Buyers’ Booth, yes it’s my little weekly window into what you actually look like next to excellent art. What a combination.

I have to say, I am regularly impressed at the efforts, skills and comedy you show to display your, or someone’s creative talents. It brings a joyous tear to my eye every week as I weave through them. Picking one is almost impossible.

These are just excellent:

But no one can challenge that this must be the greatest Buyers’ Booth EVER. The firm but inquisitive poise of the model, the glaring accusatory stare of the dog. The quality of the shirt itself. I just want this Buyers’ Booth on a tee:


Now let me see your favourites…

And check out everyone’s favourite Tees, Comments, Photos,
Illustrations and Groups.

Happy Christmas Everyone.


Mr Baxter – Baron of the Best of the Bubble

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