T-shirt sales the last week or so!!!

I’ve sold 5 t-shirts in 5 days. I’m SOO excited. I think my most productive sales week since I started with Redbubble.

I sincerely thank all of you who bought an item from me. Especially the guy (or girl) who bought 3 of my Punch a Grumpy t-shirts in 3 different sizes and colors…christmas presents? lol

I also sold a Never Look Back t-shirt today. Thank you very much!

Lastly, I think it was yesterday that I sold a Pug t-shirt. Thank you so very much as well.

I ask that if any of you are following my work, please tell me who you are so I can more personally thank you for your purchases and check out your work as well.

If anyone is willing, please upload photos of the shirts with or without you wearing them to the Buyer’s booth. Thank you all so much again!!

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