Whirlwind of features, a challenge win and top ten wins!

Wow.. I don’t know where to begin… I’m really blessed and thrilled

Ok. let’s see… I had my first challenge win!! Woohoo!! Many, many thank you to those who voted for Dots… Dots… Dots… in the Food with Imagination
It is also featured in Food for Thought
Also, I’ve been graced with the guest host for the week in this group which I had to pick out 12 features.. Let me tell you. That was NO easy task!! So many wonderful works to choose from.

Dots… Dots… Dots… also won Top Ten in Toys, Tulips and Treats challenge in Happy Haven Photography
Many thank you to those who voted for it too.

What’s next.. If my head wasn’t screwed on tight, I swear I’ll lose it!

Carnival Planet has been featured in The Women’s Photographer and Core C.O.R.E millions of thanks goes to the wonderful hosts of these groups for the honors!

Simple Shadow has been featured in The Beginner’s Corner Big Thank you to John Vandeven for the honor!

and last, but not at least! Shadow Witch got a Top Ten win for the Unusual Silhouette and is also featured as well at 12 Great Features Thank you soo much for the votes and for the honor!

What a whirlwind of a weekend! I really, really appreciate it and am very humbled!

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