Hearing dogs for the deaf

If you have been through my portfolio you will see that I have a real love for our K9 friends and in some cases enjoy there company more than that of the human kind.
I have been involved with our four legged friends all my life from childhood on the farms with working dogs such as spaniels and terriers, to my time as a dogs handler in the British army with German Shepherds and Rottweiler’s. I have had many a time when these amazing animals have saved my “Butt” and have shown nothing but pure loyalty.
I have decided that any profits i make from the sales on this site of dogs photography will go to the Charity, Hearing dogs for deaf people.

Nearly nine million of the UK population experience some degree of hearing loss. That’s one person in every seven. Over 650,000 of these people are severely or profoundly deaf and could benefit from a hearing dog.

Hearing dogs change lives. They alert their deaf owners to sounds we take for granted, providing greater independence, confidence and security. Most are selected from rescue centres or donated as unwanted pets.

They rely totally on the generosity of individuals and organisations to continue transforming the lives of deaf people and unwanted puppies.

So I thank you for looking at this journal and if you have a dog, take it from me look after them as one day you too may need you “butt” saved.


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