When is dark too dark?

I have been making art for a while now, and as you can tell from my images on here, most of them are dark with dark themes. While a lot of people like my art, I do get some people who say “why don’t you make colorful art?”

The thing is, I never make art for a certain group of people. For me, that would be wrong. Firstly, I make art for me, not for other people.I never think before I start new artwork, that i have to make it all colorful and pretty, so i have more chance of people buying. I do have one or two colorful pieces, but that is the way they turned out.

I have had sales. Not just on here, but other art sites too, so I know there are people out there that like this kind of art.

It is hard to sell online. There are so many amazing, talented artists out there who have sold nothing on here, or the other sites I have artwork on. But do not let this discourage you. Do what you do, make amazing art!

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