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Tammy Mae Moon is tired of writing about herself in third person. I like to paint. I like to paint women and birds and snakes, and a...

Features and My Favorite Art this week

Firstly I want to say thankyou to C.O.R.E and A Spiritual Walk for featuring these two ladies:

Also I am going to copy F.A. Moore here and give a shout out to my favorite of my faves this week. Some new some old, but hopefully you might find one you love that you haven’t seen before:

by skye oshea

Celtic Raven
by Beth Clark

PaiMei the Mermaid
by KimTurner

Desert Caravan
by NinaVelvet

A Barn Owl eyes up its prey
by aquartistic

A mans best friend
by alan mattison

You are welcome to post any of your favorite of your faves this week, I would love to see them!

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