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Rowena (Moonlover) is the author of the book The Forsaken Muse, a Woman’s Journey from Sorrow to Hope; available in major online...


On Transition, Changing Jobs, and Moving On

We usually spend a lot of energy thinking about ‘changing’, whether it be jobs, homes or for some, even relationships. When we finally get around to changing, whatever it is, it is never easy…the comfort and certainty of the familiar is difficult to leave, and we start to think as to why we wanted a change in the first place. You take risks when you change, and hopefully, have understood the new challenges versus the rewards of experiencing new things. Transition is never easy…I’m having one right now…It was sad saying goodbye to friends I have made through the years in the office, but you know when it’s time to go. Was clearing my drawers today, and old memories came like a flood. Those ten years, with all the pain and joy, the ups and downs, will always be cherished in my heart and mind…

The Matrix is Coming!!! (Let's be aware...)

Some Food for Thought ~ They say ‘Life imitates art, the same way art imitates life’. Don’t you think the movie ‘The Matrix’ is starting to be like ‘life’? Cyberspace wars, friendships, you can unfriend someone on FB, buy most things on the net, wage a war on the net, some people have ‘relations’ of all sort on the net, funds transfer, education, movies, songs, build virtual cities, people, lives, reproduce and have family on cyber games, the list goes on and on…So which is our reality then, the life outside this electronic gadget in front or being inside the net?…serious stuff…all these modern things are good,….and yet they are bad in some ways. Please don’t get me wrong too, I love all the convenience and business opportunities it brings, but am just musing on other possibilities where …

Release of my book 'The Forsaken Muse, a Woman's Journey from Sorrow to Hope'

My book went LIVE last Easter and now available in all major online stores like, Barnes & Noble, Alibris, I believe some shelves too of Barnes & Noble, etc.
The book will be part of the new books launched and displayed in Book Expo America from 24-26 May in New York. (Pls see link for details).
_Thanks soooo much for everyone’s support. (special mention to Anna Shaw & ChasingSooz here in RB) _ ♥♥♥
The Forsaken Muse please join in the celebrations for Rowena Moonlover – Pink Panther Forum

Travel Notice: (will provide details)
Book Expo America where book is participating ~ 24, 25, 26 May
New Jersey ~ book reading
Maryland ~ book reading with internet connection beamed to Philippines
San Francisco ~ book reading/sharing
LA – TV show ~ interview and reading

Book Feature: Art

Daily Musings- My Art: What is important?

This is just a thought that came to my mind today. I load an art work, and gets so happy when people make comments on my work. I think this is normal, that we as artists want to be appreciated for our work.
But then again, I ask myself…..and this is my epiphany today…..I do my work for myself. It is an expression of me, what I was thinking, what I want to convey, or something that I want to make a commentary on. My poetry is me from the past, now and in the future, and how I interpret the rhythm of life. My photography is a hobby that I take joy in doing.So I will have work that few people will comment on, or take as favorite, and some that will be so popular, or some that don’t even have any comment or will hardly have views. So what conclusion will I make?
So there will be some work tha…

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