A Matter Of The Heart

What  I would do if I could suddenly feel?  / With a heart that is new and so hopelessly  real!  / Should I laugh or should I cry?  / Or sh…
Bite The Bullet  by MoonlightLover

Once More With Feeling ( recital )

Another DeMoonification Production.

In Emilys Imaginary Magical Menagerie

She thinks White Rabbits really can’t walk on water, / But Lambs are for bacon, as pigs are for slaughter.

In Love With The Single Alien

The cold showered earth slept below  / As the heavens burst in the afterglow,   / To subjugate the moment above  / I relinquish the frozen …

Inside The Serious Moonlight.. a film by Charlie …

“Inside The Serious Moonlight”, a film by Charlie The Tramp.

That Child Within…..

At first I was vapour / And then a cloud / Then reappeared under a magic shroud  / A child adrift among the  mysterious stars / Gravitate i…

Nocturnes By Xochiquetzal

The liquid darkness sunsets before me  / A guiding power of forces I cannot see / A storm sweeps across the canvas with the stroke of a bru…

Dear God

God, I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining but I deserve an explanation to this dud product you call a life which I canR…

In My Bedroom

Just listen to those colours of a rainbowed dream, / And float me gently down a lucid stream! / Close thy limpid eyes and think of me, / Wh…

Once more with feeling….

This poem is dedicated to a few / There’s me and then there’s you / One’s a female and one a male / And that thing that I…

Angel Fluff and Witchy Stuff 

From the purest sky a winged vision came,  / She beats her silken wings for fame! / Knowing full well that she is doomed to die, / Should a…

Sun Tzu’s The Art Of Anarchy

You may stand calm and resolute / Like a deer enclosed and mute  / But in a sea of death and mourning  / No one can hear the cries of your …

What In Heaven Are You?

And should you be curious to discover / Whether I am a friend or a lover / Ink stains, but blood remains / Don’t look at me with distain

Bite The Bullet

And the impulse of my strength,   / Is the hair in my length.  / That incontrollable nuisance  / Of unadulterated exuberance. 

High Octane

In Poe’s creepy little corner  / There lies the mask of anarchy; / A fuel of high octane magic is woven 

Kiss Me


T’is The Never Ending Story Of Childhood Dr…

Please play with me for a little while  / And grace me with your impish style    / Mount the radiant horses I keep  / Let us ride together …

The Myth Of Beauty… It’s the ugly tru…

So where is the peace? / She is not dead, nor does she sleep / She has awakened from dream of life / And lost in stormy visions of strife

Ode to my Ancient Mariners

Like Paradise and Moriarty, / with bling and glitterati

Stigmata In Overdrive


Trash Masterpiece

I’m a class act / I’m blacker than a stray cat  / I’m a libertine with a yoke / I am the butt of every joke.  

The Supersonic Symphony of Youth

We think with our hearts / Not with my brains / Our universe is not built on logic / There is no reason for logic / There is a reason for c…


How about baby me chino over a Cappuccino / Or perhaps a manage a trios with Frappacino


I lie in bed / Like I’m lying in a coffin instead  / My head spinning  / My mind deconstructing

A Fetish For The Oriental Fighting Girl

Falling into hairline cracks / She stopped me in my tracks / My Yin was a comfort within / My Yang was a struggle to begin.


Swastikas and Hipster Hitlers / Baby wear for big brothers and little sisters? / And a Badly drawn grape / So what does that have anything …

Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Only my heart is exposed / Nobody cares whether you’re bleeding, / Whether your aorta is screaming.

The Love Terrorist

But I know your secret Mister.  / You’re a love terrorist, / Because your love leads to death.  / I hope I won’t ever be unhapp…
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