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Ojects de Art....politics and Politicos

Dear Journal:
Boy have I had a load of blogloney…burp…burp excuse me…burp!!! Ha ha I was wondering (out loud…shut up) how would you define or describe the current American candidates as art or objects de art…let’s see visual artist like to see stuff and feel with their fricken bleeding hearts…name a Republican artist other than dead master on stipends from various royal patrons, think about that (?) and rich patrons subsidizing sex up, drug up, boozed up, “art is my life and my life is art” artist, hoping they crank out tons of stuff and at a timely moment drop dead…dead artist sell the best and weasel agents hawking the goods, dead or alive their brand of artist bought and sold. Art is a business and yup dead artist sell nine to one over a living artist on a ten to ten scale…Sotheby’s the Valhalla Of Dead Artist….me I ain’t an artist, I am designer yup flat stuff (OK I sculpt that’s art isn’t it? And other arty mediums, shush and my fricken heart bleeds like a chocolate fountain at a bat mitzvah or Quicanera but not as gushy as the League of the Republican Woman Voters meets ups…you can do anything with them their husbands and boyfriends do…or the D.A.R. in private with etchings they love etchings). Women have power it will be interesting to see how they use it on their landscapes, portraits, photograph compositions this election time!!!! Men don’t have power (?) ok I am dead they have zippers ha ha!!! Zip zippy zipper zips zips zipper zippy zip….zounds like Zydeco washboards a rubbing.
President John McCain of the United States (hope you are scared “Hail to the chief!!!” His running mate is very important maybe a Bush brother Jebababadiah…McCain does not know the difference between a Sunni or Shiite too many “i’s” in Shiite now shinola McCain knows about that):
Medium: Charcoal scorched dry wood made out of old hickory like Andrew Jackson.
Art description: Military hundred year wars (will drop a bomb on Iran)…..bomb bomb hell bomb them all…it is the plan…..bomb art….explosive.
Subject matter: déjà vodoooo Bush league art…it sells.
Technique: Money.
Patron: The rich 2% follow the money.
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC Her Royal Clintonette “I must win at all cost” dividing the Democrat party OMG they are already divided everyone eat cake):
Art description: Dada Doooo…Hillary Billary Shrillary did not know where Bill was at 3 a.m. in the White House….but we do…she will stare at the phone…..Bill alert….if she ran as Hillary Rodham and divorced Bill…integrity would have been her slogan….maybe…she is running and running alongside Bill.
Subject matter: Kitchen sink et al (drip drip get a plumber weep a little more).
Patron: The rich 2% follow the money.
Medium: Oil that never dries just paint over adding more oil looking like an abstract diarrhea.
Senator Barack Obama (Obamation Hallelujah he will get his…uppity which half black or white (?) better get his act together…hard to do when you aren’t a very good actor):
Medium: Spray paint graffiti mural art, fast and quick soon to be painted over by the authorities…Art Nazis.
Art description: Muralist a go go of many spray cans….spray it on.
Subject matter: Rainbows painted on cumulus shifting walls (need more substance for the onslaught of the Republican swift boats, they hit their target every time, no truth needed they are out for blood, they kill). Get it together or you are just another “also ran Democrat toast” they are not just piled up…they are neatly stacked one on one on top of the others…check out the past seven years and think about the next four years.
Technique: Money.
Patron: The rich 2% follow the money.
March 20, 2008 the fifth year of the Iraq war some are looking forward to the hundred years of wars promised. Shifty and shifting recollections of what some Democrats voted on and some did not. It will take an intervention to reverse a bleak landscape painted by some futurist art politicians along with abstract abstractions “art in progress” and the sprayed hit and run sprayed on political murals not really defined temporary and can be painter over…life really is art and art imitates life and life imitates art (imitation is very flattering if you know how to imitate) not objective at all, so emote instead (? HUH!!!).
I love blogloney and I enjoy art and artist….oh yeah bleeding heart artist are the best…blood and guts on their medium of choice where ever they reside on the planet….even right wing Republican artist, know any (?) bet you do…Art Nazis…Achtung!……ha ha….eat your blogloney and create something while you can….you too may have a tracking chip implanted in your forehead….but not in your bleeding heart….bled on….and no transfusions.
Hey this is my journal no rhyme or reason and just ruminating about the art of politics…burp burp burpppppp!!!!
March 20, 2003 a day of infamy paint a picture…Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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