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American style politics what a soap opera...that's entertianment.

Dear Journal:
I have to admit I am a political junkie, not just American politics but all the middle school political activity that I can read, hear or see by various mediums here and abroad. Right now it doesn’t get any better than what is occurring this year for the presidency of the United States. Almost ready set go the last men standing, are an old man a female and a biracial man, praise the Lord what a soap opera. Millions of dollars collected for the campaign chest for a thankless but powerful job all claiming they are change…can you hear the loose change (?).
John McCain yup, is a bona fide war veteran and yes he has an excellent track record except for the Keating five deal and his position on Iraq and his disappointing suck up to King Dubya Debacle, can’t wait till Dubya returns to his village, to resume being the idiot par excellent of Crawfordsville. McCain did nail some dumb and dumber Republicans and yes the Democrats ain’t that much smarter, check their votes on the Iraq war and of course Client #9. I like John McCain, I can’t help it.
Hillary Rodham Clinton in second place position for the Democrats hopeful nominee right now, things can change. Her and her cohorts might entertain offering Barack Obama the second place position of Vice President the heir apparent insider is very confident the nominee is hers, hey why not, but at three a.m. in the morning you might hear:
Hillary Billary Shrillary
Billary Shrillary Hillary
Shrillary Hillary Billary
If Hillary had run as Hillary Rodham and not started kicking below the belt and stuck to her principals, well I might have a different opinion of her, right now she is just one of the guys…kick’m while they’re up kick’m while they’re down but kick’m and keep on kicking, forget about anything else. I know she is a very bright person and did sleep for eight years in the Whitehouse, I won’t even mention White Water (Ok I did) and yes the first female candidate to run for the presidency….I would prefer Nancy Pelosi no coattails on her and she is brilliant. I have to admit I like Bill Clinton very much and respect Hillary Rodham.
Barack Obama now that is change a biracial man, most people don’t get it, he has a Caucasian mother and a “black” father, so Barack Obama is not black or white he is biracial like Halle Berry, Carol Channing, both are biracial I only mention these two, because color still is relevant here in America, Halle Berry fits the visual profile of black and Carol Channing does not. Barack Obama is not black or white to me he is just a man running for the Presidency. I have to admit I do connect with him, I like the oratory and he does use words eloquently and I don’t think he has any more or less experience than the other candidates, there is no college curriculum for the job of the office of the Presidency of the United States, if elected you make the job, the job does not make you, theoretically speaking. Yes I like and respect Barack Obama very much and he exemplifies hope, a large percentage of Americans are hearing and seeing themselves in him, not white, black, brown or yellow that old cliché “America the melting pot.” Barack Obama a young guy scrappy with a can do attitude….the last seven plus years the average American has had the shit kicked out of them, by a very callous administration indifferent to the citizens of the United States and the world. What if Barack Obama is elected what would that say to the world and about America.
I like all three of the people currently running for the office of the United States, each has something to offer, but only one of them can be elected, I hope this time the right person is elected barring no Florida or Ohio blatant irregularities or the Supreme Court travesty.
Ageism sexism and racism, I hope does not rear its ugly head up, but this is America home of the swift boat crews all sides have their rowing crews at the ready, even if they are disavowed of spreading misinformation and yes outright lies.
Wow American style politics what a soap opera, now that’s entertainment!

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