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English within English ruminations (?)

Dear Journal:
When you have a conversation do you say “period” at the end of a sentence. Or use bracket marks [{(brackets or braces)}], question marks?, exclamation marks! And quotation marks ‘ ” quotations marks OMG….just too confusing. I love words like confusable “there or their” and “to,too,two,2, ewe (just kidding u ewe)” and there are some really sneaky ones “weather whether wither.” I have that mad madness of dyslexia fun and funny I can spell dyslexic ten times out of ten, I think because it just looks wrong and dyslexia is very personal (personal personnel).
Children can be cruel but never as cruel as adults who should know better and choose to be cruel, kids’ learn from adults. I did not learn to read until I was twelve all the alphabet just “things” and words blocks of things a scramble, one day I remember it vividly the letters that were (we’re were where) words….were just that WORDS! Imagine that, I read everything that I could read most of the time three and four times I had no choice….wow not bad for an idiot…children are cruel but not as cruel as adults, like cold hearted teachers who could not teach or adults who are so smug with their ability to speak or write but have no ideas and never will.
English is the new Latin, it really is beautiful elegant infused with loan words growing and expanding new words invented and words welcomed to facilitate expedite and just making English in its variations the lingua franca supreme, I adore American-English. My first language was Spanish and Basque with some French and German a hodgepodge milieu a virtual Babel. What am I trying to say (?)…hey this is my journal so I can ruminate and meander with no rhyme or reason or give a hoot about grammar or structure just rant. OK nothing pisses me off more than when native English speakers demand that immigrants speak “English” usually by those that haven’t a clue about English (?) American-English, Canadian-English, and Australian-English it goes on….English within English varies and some words spelled the same may have a different meaning or use. Imagine an immigrant trying to master English and failing miserable a little bit like dyslexia. Daunting is an understatement letters words just don’t seem to make sense at all. And trying to speak English for some it is very difficult some do try and succeed others may never be able to speak English publicly. Reminds me of the time I was in Saudi Arabia of course they speak English publicly….how is your Arabic? Mine sucks.
Just a note I was born in the United States, California to be exact my forbearer’s arrived in the western hemisphere with the Spanish invasion of the Americas. I am still dyslexic and do my best to speak American-English and try not to misuse or slaughter the English language Oy Vey….ha ha! Tolerance patience (patient the Doctor will see you now) and being human not mano-a-mano…OMG another manifesto about mano-a-mano another time, words why they are all confusable in any language.

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