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I wish...

December 2010:
I wish for you a wonderful holiday complete replete with all good cheer, that this Christmas is full of memories to cherish throughout the year. I wish for you and those you love a Christmas like no other, that you pray for peace here on earth the wish of love for one another. I wish the wish that everyday the Christmas spirit renews itself with glad tidings and joy a wish for one and all…Happy Holidays and may all the stars of heaven be with you.

I wish for you the Happiest of Happy New Year in joy peace and prosperity, day to day three hundred and sixty five days of the year, one day at a time, and that we sing Auld Lang Syne and raise the cup of kindness and good cheer and not forget the goodness of those we no longer hold near and for those who have departed are stardust shining brightly and cherish those we love in the good and bad times of the now and here…I wish in my cup of Auld Lang Syne that we realize we will never come this way again, so for the here and now…I wish the wish of love for one another…as I tip my cup of Auld Lang Syne…sigh…we are all stardust and a twinkling of an eye of all the stars in heaven.

all in harmony harmony in all.

Valente Lemus AKA montdragon
(A footnote tucked away in the Book of Ruminations)

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