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auld lang syne

Every year and I don’t know why I play this song by Bobby Darin on New Years Eve and drink too much on New Years Eve…well not really drink too much an expression…this year I just might be beyond the driving limit…and I don’t care…I raise a glass just to remember friends I loved…gone forever into the ether of forever gone…this year brandy and ginger no wine (I love red wine an elixir…it truly is a joie de vivre not too much just enough to bring a little joy into our heart of hearts and our souls) …and remember old friends some I liked some I truly loved who made me laugh and I could make them laugh into silly nonsense just me and them in repartee and knowing this reality only lasts as long as they or I are alive and then gone into the ether of never knowing who came this way…if you have friends and those you love celebrate them not just once a year but each and every day…we pass this way only just once…may all your wishes come true…you have to wish like children do with all your heart…don’t be an adult it never works for adults…never ever it just doesn’t work only childish wishes come true…and may all your wishes come true if you wish…ask any child if you dare…oh my dear little friends I miss you so much…into the ether someday I will go…meanwhile another year…so…we all will die and some will sing others will just be mute…we are all children (?)…so to wish an Auld Lang Syne on the eve of the New Year or the demise of the old year…thank you Bobby Darin and Robert Burns…Happy New Years for us still here!!! Back home I will go…thank yea Bobby Burns…so says Jacob Burns at the stroke of midnight…my pappy…Happy New Years one an all…celebrate!!!!!

“When mistletoe and tinsel glow
Paint a yuletide valentine
Back home I go to those I know
For a Christmas auld lang syne.

And as we gather ’round the tree
Our voices all combine
In sweet accord to thank the Lord
For a Christmas auld lang syne.

When sleigh bells ring and choirs sing
And the children’s faces shine
With each new toy we share their joy
With a Christmas auld lang syne.

We sing His praise this day of days
And pray next year this time
We’ll all be near to share the cheer
Of a Christmas auld lang syne.

“Merry Christmas everybody and a Happy New Year!”

In sweet accord we thank the Lord
For a Christmas auld lang syne.

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