To all those fighting

They work in horrid situations but they keep going over 3100 fire fighters and volunteers are away from home and family fighting fires to save our lives. The devastation is all around us.

Driving home last night I saw where the Kilmore fires had jumped the hume highway and headed towards Tallarook Yea and Seymour, now under control with over 80 trucks there so many lives were lost.

They are our last line of defense against the fires nurtured by mother natures winds, risking their lives for people all over Victoria. Unpaid volunteers putting themselves between us and the fires. The work they do is amazing.

Most of our local boys were helping the Gippsland fires when Kilmore started, I saw 4 bus loads of fire fighters early sunday morning coming home from one fire to fight another.

For those who are not CFA members there are things you can do to help. Open your hearts and your homes if possible to those who have lost it all, Yea is Currently refuge to a lot of homeless families, they need food blankets and clothing, they need a roof over their heads. Join in and help out.

The number to call to offer help is 1800 811 700 please help, if you find the line is giving you a recorded message keep trying and you will get through.

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