Ever had one of those days....

My day started at midnight when my children woke up and started being sick every where so up I got, cleaned up the mess remade beds and got kids out of shower, redressed and put them back to bed…

Woke up in the morning at 7am only to find the kids had woken up earlier and been very quiet about opening the fridge taking out all the contents and having a party on my lounge room floor…. After pulling my hair out I cleaned it all up gave kids another shower and breakfast and sat down for a coffee… Thinking I will go to the shops I go next door and see if she needs anything down the road and she says oh I will watch the kids for you, so I jump in the car ready to go buy some locks and what next door needed only to find I had 23ks left (bloody husband) so I think thats cool I will make a pit stop to the petrol station…. Only I never made it that far…. So I walk to the other end of town (picture a small town) and go to hubbys work tell his boss I am stealing him then we get to the petrol station only to find that I have lost my whole pay walking to his work….So he drives me home and I pick up kids in tears and think it will be ok not to worry so I toddle off to put some washing on and what do ya know the washing machine wont work……..

Anyone got a really big rock for me to hide under till this day passes???

The inlaws are coming into town to bring my car back home for me so I am wondering what is going to happen when I pick me car up…….

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