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My grandfather was a serious amateur photographer in the ’20s and ’30s, leaving me a legacy of stereoscopic pictures and...

Another Home Page - Oporto. Thank you Ace Cafe!

Huge thanks to the Hosts of Ace Cafe! It was great to get another RedBubble Home Page feature today (my 14th since I joined RB! Yay!!!), as a result of the recent challenge.

If you have not visited the Ace Cafe group, I would recommend it! It’s an altogether different RB experience. All the action is in the Forums and work does not make it to the group’s page, until at least 10 group members have voted it to be an “ACE”. Plenty of great work, plenty of constructive support and plenty of community spirit. A warning: It can get addictive! :-)

26 June 2011

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