99 Red Balloons go by...

Happy New Year my Red Bubble friends!

And what a year it’s been… I’ve made so many friends and found such encouragement that I’m grateful to every single one of you. Your work has inspired and humbled me so many times, and your comments have made me glow with pride.

The title of 99 Red Balloons of course refers to the 99 features that my Red Bubble year ended with. I won’t include the latest ones in this journal, but if you follow these links you can always see my latest Features and Top Tens. I am so grateful to all the group moderators for the challenges and the regular featuring!

But even more importantly, 2008 ended with a bang! Yesterday, one of my all time favourite pictures The Old Shoemaker was the winner of the At Work challenge of the Elderly group…

… and finally: I want to mention one more special picture. My only “seasonal” picture Guided by the light, has had a wonderful response: It won two challenges, came Top-Ten in another three and became the avatar for two groups for the month of December. An incredible response in just 23 days since I took the picture!

I leave you all with my best wishes for 2009. May the year bring health and happiness to you and your families and I wish you all the best photographic success ever!


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