RB Utility - All Challenges & Entries

This is the one you’ve all asked me for…

If you are into RB challenges and many groups, one of the biggest frustrations is trying to remember what you have entered in which challenge, and keeping track of which challenges are open.

This has been bugging me almost since I joined RB. It took me a while to figure this one out, but here its. Use the link below, to get a report that

  • across the 1100+ groups that are hosted on RB…


  • what challenges are running in each group
  • how long each challenge is running for (open or voting)
  • if you are a member of each group or not
  • what art you have submitted to that challenge, if anything

All of these…

  • on one web page (so you can print it)
  • with live links, so that you can directly jump to the group, challenge or art piece

UPDATE: 15 January 2009
New version which fixes single quotes in challenge names, corrected links to your work and an extra option on the login screen to choose if you want to only see “Open” or “Voting” challenges – the default is both.

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with RB, don’t go blaming them if it goes wrong. This is just me, making my life easier and sharing it out

Comments, suggestions, criticism, other ideas, all welcome! :-)

All Challenges & Entries:

1) This utility will take a while to run. It has a lot to do to collect that info. Be patient!
2) The utility does not store passwords, but it doesn’t use encryption either. If your RB password is the same as your bank account’s – Change it!

I hope you find it as useful as I have. Bookmark this post and come back whenever you want to get a handle on your challenges & entries.

Regards, George

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