RB Utility - Which Groups is my Art in?

(apologies for the re-posting, I was told by RB to make this a journal entry rather than a “writing” entry – please re-favorite this entry instead)

Calling all Groupies…

I’ve recently been preparing a number of RB utilities to make my life easier, which I will share with all of you to use.

This is a utility for displaying each of your art works, with a list of which groups it has been submitted to. All on a single page.

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with RB, don’t go blaming them if it goes wrong. This is just me, making my life easier and sharing it out :-)

Comments, suggestions, criticism all welcome! :-)

My Art in Groups:

By default, it displays the latest 20 pieces of art, but you can change that number up or down on the login screen. Use 999 to get everything.

1) This utility will take a while to run. It has a lot to do to collect that info. Be patient!
2) The utility does not store passwords, but it doesn’t use encryption either. If your RB password is the same as your bank account’s – Change it!
3) Don’t get confused by the checkboxes next to the groups name, they don’t actually do anything!

I hope you find it useful. Bookmark this post and come back whenever you want a summary of which groups your art has been posted in.
Regards, George

Last updated: 31 October 2008

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