Things Always look better with a cup of tea...

After much thinking and biting of nails. I thought long and hard about all the kind advice that was given to me. You will pleased to know my art and I sat down and talked through it’s issues of self worth. I convinced it in a calm voice the only art worth seeing is that is art that is seen.

The art, complained that I was becoming all new age and only wanted to know how I was going to frame it to show off it’s best angles. It didn’t want to look fat. Would it be allowed to drink wine on opening night?
I pointed out it wasn’t all about “it” and that the art was becoming way too vain for its own good.
Well that didn’t go well… So I had to say sorry and promise to hold it up in high regard. How did it get such an ego.
Now where to find a skinny frame….

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