Heliacal Moon

Chapter 1

The moonlight filled my room. I couldn’t sleep. I drearily swung my legs over to the edge of the sleeping platform and got onto the lush carpeted ledge bellow me. I pressed the light button, which immediately light all the candles placed around my pentch. I trudged over to the still net hammock, my blanket still wrapped around me. I lay there, gently swinging side to side.
I awoke in the dim light of sun. The candles had burnt out. I checked my surroundings, and noticed the measurement of time on my wall-bot. It read 0557. The empyreal sun would be full power soon. I took another glance at the wall-bot and noticed the measurement of date. Today I was scheduled to get my chip. I would soon be knowledgable, able to get a hire. After undergoing many physical tests, I was finally adequate for a fitting.
Once I was up and dressed, I strode over to my pod and set my destination, 253rd floor Obama tower. I was told this tower was named after the first African American president, it didn’t seem like a big deal to me.
I arrived and sent my pod to the storage area, then walked up to the front desk. I gave the receptionist my identification number and let her scan my card.
Before I knew it my name had appeared on the display screen, it read:
Avalon Christian, 94271189, floor 331.

Chapter 2

When I arrived, the professor was already waiting for me; he led me into his laboratory and sat me in a black leather chair with armrests and a place to lean your head against. Around me there was a dim light apart from a few candles focusing on a desk or a complicated machine with several notches and buttons. I suddenly shuddered. Then I noticed a machine that was in tube form, the bench where I expected a person would lie. It was covered with blue neon lights; I couldn’t see the inside of the tube.
He walked over to me and explained the procedure, first he would measure me up, then I would go into the tube machine (apparently called hydro-pynoic) I would be unconscious so I wouldn’t feel anything when the chip went in. He told me the chip went into a place in my brain called the knowing. He then told me I had great potential and injected something into my arm…

Chapter 3

I awoke in a blank white room with only a bed platform and a latrine. The professor then abruptly opened the door and sauntered up to my bed platform. He checked how I was, shone a bright neon light in my eyes then announced I had a sojourner. A tall lanky lady walked in. I glanced at her face; it looked, some how strange to me. When she started talking I had redirect my focus to what she was saying. She informed me that now that I was chipped I could attend a social school, she recommended I choose Convivial primary school. She then explained I would start at primary and be placed in a class suiting my personality (I am yet to find out what this meant) then as I got better at interacting with other students I would be put up a level intermediate then finally masters. When I graduated from masters I would be paired with a male of mine and his choice. She must have left because when I woke up again my room was empty.

Chapter 4

The next day I was sent home as I had made a full recovery from my chipping procedure. I was seeing the world different now, it was like before now everything was in black and white but now the world was in bright colour. I was scheduled in to meet with the prof. again next week. I had an enrolment form in my hand; I was preparing myself to fill it out. I was scared I had never interacted with anyone other than the professor.
After I finished filling out various forms I decided to walk it to the school through my new world. I passed many things I had never noticed before, like the crisp brown leafs fluttering to the ground.

Chapter 5

I arrived and headed to what looked like the administration office. As I walked in I checked my surroundings, a desk with a friendly looking lady seated behind it, many seats, and a table with advertisement books in a neat pile. I walked over to the lady and handed her my forms, clipped together. She looked up at me and relieved me from holding the papers; she directed me towards a seat and told me to wait.
A few minutes later a stern looking man in a suit came out to greet me, he told me he was ecstatic to have me as part of the school and lead me to his office. We sat opposite sides of a table as he looked over my forms, he asked questions like how was my day and if I was happy too be joining his school. I answered the questions by nodding or shaking my head. Eventually he gave me a pale green sheet and told me to take my time, then handed me a wooden pencil.
Question 1. Out of these colours pick your favourite – red, green, yellow, blue, pink, orange. I was stumped; I saw each of these colours as equals. I looked up to see the suited man watching over me. “I… I… I dont understand the question.”
He looked proud, and smiled a cheesy grin in my direction. He then opened his draw and reached in, retrieving a cup full of markers. He took the first pen out and coloured the word red in with its corresponding colour. After he had completed this for all six he asked me what I thought looked the nicest, I asked him to give me the definition of nice. He handed me a thick book titled dictionary, I flicked through the pages till I reached ‘n’ then started tracing my finger down the page till I reached it. NICE – • adjective 1 pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory. 2 good-natured; kind. 3 satisfactory in terms of the quality described. 4 fine or subtle: a nice distinction. 5 archaic fastidious. I looked up again, “so, you mean the one that stands out the most to me personally?”
He nodded and went back to what he was doing. I ticked the box next to the word ‘orange’ and moved on to the next question. Question 2. Which do you prefer to use? Pen or pencil. That was an easy question as pencils were made out of wood and pens plastic. I ticked the box next to pencil. There were several other questions forcing me to use my opinion and create myself a personality. I finished and wrote my name and identification number at the bottom, the handed it to him. He informed me I would be put in a class that would match my test, but for today I could sit in 1K to see how things worked in classroom. He handed me a map of the school, a stationary list and a note to give to the teacher.

Chapter 6

I walked past many classrooms and looked in a few to see students of various ages. I finally reached a door that read ‘1K’ I abruptly entered and felt like 100 eyes had focused onto me. The teacher asked me what I was doing here, I walked over and gave her the crisply folded note she inspected it then gave me some paper and a pen, I looked down at the bright yellow plastic pen. I asked her if she had a pencil, she looked agitated but exchanged my writing equipment the directed me to a seat. Ms House (as she informed me) told the class that the next excercise was a pair activity, male to female. She told us to get into pairs. The class immediately turned to ruckus as a few students were left sitting solitary, me included.
I looked round to see a few people behind me. The one that stood out the most, was a boy with his head down his name tag read ‘Julian.’ I walked over to the empty desk next to him and hung my bag on the back of the chair. Once I was settled down Ms House sorted out the remaining students. I took this chance to look up at him; he had brown fluffy hair with freckles scattered over his nose, he then to, looked up to inspect me. I noticed his eyes glimmer in the light, someone coughed loudly and we both looked down. I looked around the class to compare myself to the other female students I was the only one with light coloured hair and a fringe, my hair was also longer and silkier than anyone else’s. Ms House told us to discuss our hobbies. I looked up again and smoothly said hello. Julian returned my greeting and asked me about my hobbies. I turned the question back on him and told him to answer first. “Well I really enjoy writing” he said he must have noticed the puzzled look on my face and told me that he liked to write stories. We discussed many things about his ideas and novels; he intrusted me with his favourite to read. He then asked me again what my hobbies were. I told him I liked to draw, I drew a picture of a tree for him, with leaves falling to the ground. He tucked it into his papers and I put his story into my shoulder bag along with the equipment list and school map. He noticed the list and asked me if I would like him to accompany me to the store to help me buy the right stationary. I eargerly accepted.

Chapter 7

After the final tune went to sound the end of the school day. Me and Julian walked out of the school together, I told him after we got my equipment he could come to my house for tea, he gratefully accepted and we also decided to go food shopping also as I was a little low on food. We walked in and started at the top of the list.
1. One digi book
3.One pack of digi coloured pencils
4.three digi pens/pencils (which ever you prefer)
5.One 15 centremeter ruler, Julian quickly found them all and handed them to me to put in the carry basket.
Once we were finished I thanked Julian for being so much help, he said I could repay him by drawing him more pictures cheekishly. We talked about many things, I told him I was really happy to have met him, he smilied. Once we had the food for dinner, we went to my pentch to prepare it. He was extremly suprised I lived on my own as he lived with his birth parents. I told him my parents are scientists or something and I was born for tests, I didn’t even know them. I said I was looked after by a nannie till I was leggaly allowed to fend for my self. He was shocked, I explained they sent me money every week and the professor keeps them updated on how I was.
After dinner Julian said he should probably go home, he thanked me for the nice time, kissed me on the check and walked downstairs to the exit. I set out on drawing for him, as I felt I needed to pay him back.

Chapter 8

I decided to glide to the school building today. So I equiped my magnetic shoes on and glid down the road. I got to school and once gain headed to the administration office. Greeted the receptionist once again and told her I needed to see… I stopped, he didnt tell me his name. I had an idea, I looked up to his office door which read: Mr Gole principal.”Mr Gole please” she sent me straight in and told me to knock before I entered. I walked over and knocked on the door “enter” I heard him say. I opened the door to find him some what waiting for me. “Ah Ms Christian, good to see you, your home room you wanted to know?” he said, I nodded my head in awe “okay… i’ve put you in ‘1T’, you should be happy in there, oh and Ms House informed you got on very well with young Julian, well done.” I left his room as if he had silently told me and pulled out my map. I began walking looking down at the map until I bumped into some one. I looked up into the light to see a student much older than me, I apoligised and scurried away. As I was walking to my class I thought about the olden day they were called, where you went to school to learn knowledge, they didnt have chips with built in knowledge back then. I finally found my room and entered to find a desk with a name tag reading Avalon.

Chapter 9
When the teacher arrived I had already programmed my digi book to my preferences to pick up only my digi pens and pencils. Of corse they weren’t real pens and pencils just styluses with different types so the touch screen could pick up what you are using. Digi books aren’t just for storing notes and using as books, they also can go online which is very helpful for researching.
The teacher walked over and welcomed me, he was a tall man, with short coal black hair. He said his name was Mr. Wilk, but I could just call him Mr. W if I liked. I smiled and returned to his desk to start the lesson. “Okay folks today we will be meeting a new addition to our class, Avalon. It would be nice if you made an effort to welcome her to our class at some point during the day. Moving on, because you have to, according to the board, you will be filling these out today. I have already sent them to your digi’s, if you will just open the program named colour by dots in the file teacher sent.” I ope my digi book and scanned the desktop; I double touched the file reading ‘teacher sent’ and opened the folder Mr. Wilk had told us about. There was a simple picture, and next to it was a key saying what number corresponded with which colour. I completed it in less than one minute and asked what to do next, Mr. Wilk seemed gobsmacked and handed me a sheet to copy in to my art book. I copied the information in and decided to draw whilst I waited for the rest of the class to catch up.

Chapter 10

I met up with Julian at interval and gave him my pictures. When he saw them he told me they were really good and put them with the other picture I gave him yesterday. He then announced he had a present for me and pulled out a pack of what appeared to be pencils and judging by the packaging 36. I asked him why I would need 36 pencils, he then explained to me that each was a different colour or a different tone of a colour. I felt my eyes widen in awe. “These are for me?” I said, not knowing why. “I found them sitting at home, I thought you would appreciate them” he told me. I felt his hand on mine and looked up at him his eyes beaming into mine. “Thanks… Julian” I said. The tune to go back to class suddenly rang and we were separated. I walked drealerly back to class longing for Julian. I didn’t know why I felt this way I didn’t even know what I was feeling, I just knew it made me fell nice inside. I looked up to see a rugged stranger looking over me. “You ok?” he said. I looked up at him deeply, he had rough black hair and not an imperfection on his perfect face, and some would call this handsome. “I… I…” I couldn’t get out any words. “Your in 1T right?” he said somehow understanding me, I nodded solemnly. “Here, follow me it’s this way.” he instructed me. I felt him gently take my hand and lead me down several corridors, I wasn’t lost, but I was enjoying the Strangers Company. “There you go, oh by the way I’m Hunter” he said before leaving me at the door.
I walked in still flustered from the recent events that had just happened, and took my seat some how late.

Chapter 11

Well Mr Wilk was talking about some un-interesting topic, I started thinking, about how the chip had made me different. I was astonishing myself all the time by, just knowing things. Secondly, before I got the chip, my drawings didn’t make sense, when I look back on them its like they are just blurs of black and white. Thirdly, I had started to see people in a different way, like Julian, I was also experiencing strange feeling’s I didn’t understand.
It was as if, I had been implanted this chip to make me more knowledgeable, but instead it had done the opposite.

The lesson dreared on, I wasn’t paying attention. I felt eager to see Julian again, I also wanted to draw him a new picture with these new pencils he gifted me.

Heliacal Moon


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