Tiny Cat vs Giant Cake

Today I celebrated my mum’s birthday. A day late, due to family hysteria, but still she got her gifts in the most awesome bag ever and all was well.

We went to Sycamore Farm, a pub not so far from where I work. They do cake, but GIANT. Banoffee pie with inch thick biscuit base and six inches of cream. That’s not very exciting but my brick sized vanilla slice was ridiculously joyful.

Then I got a tiny cat. He was called Yoda, but I have now re named him Steve. He suits Steve. He’s a little tiny ginger tabby with markings on his forehead in the shape of a heart. Totally adorable!

I also have a rather large, loud dog who only wants to clean the kitten but Steve is more than a little wary so is currently hiding in the computer desk. Bless.

Hope all are well :)

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