Another First!

Gems Gone Unnoticed (formerly known as The Rejection Recovery Group) recently bestowed upon me the unique honor of being their first ever Featured Member. If you’re not familiar with this group, then I encourage you to go get acquainted with them. The aim of the group is to promote the work that for whatever reason has been overlooked in other places. So if you have a piece that you feel merits more attention than it’s getting, Gems would make a fine group to submit it to. And the hosts, Deb and Lacey, are not only conscientious in their duties, they’re also genuinely nice people. The rules are simple and straightforward too, which is nice. (If I mess this up I hope they’ll correct me.)

  1. 1. Three submissions per day with no overall limit
  2. 2. Submitted work must not have previously been featured in another group
  3. 3. Submitted work must not have more than 10 comments posted

Once you have submitted your work, you do not have to remove it if and when it gets featured in another group, the no-feature rule only applies to new submissions. The purpose of the group is to get the work noticed. I’ve actually had a piece I submitted to Gems and another group get featured by the other group before it got through moderation on Gems and they accepted it anyway.

And to Deb and Lacey, my sincerest and humblest thanks for this very special and unique honor!

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