a letter to our "president"

dear mr. obama;

just a quick note to ask a small favor. do you suppose that on your wife’s next vacation you could use your own money instead of the taxpayer’s to cover the cost of her “entorage” that took up the whole top floor of one of the most exclusive hotels in greece? 36 people at $6000.00 a night is an awful lot of cash, not to mention the salaries of all those secret service personnel and michelle’s aids. and while i’m at it, is there any way that next year you could not blow the previous record for a whitehouse christmas tree by 6 times the amount. here you are spending $300,000 on a tree in these troubled times while my fiance and i had to pull the old artificial tree out of the attic because we can’t afford a real one this year, and the only new ornaments we could swing came from thrift stores.

not so sincerely;
an American CITIZEN

p.s. if you do pass your proposed tax laws and your health care plan, do you suppose you could spot us some loot; ‘cause we’ll for sure lose our house and i haven’t been able to find a job ‘cause i don’t speak spanish, and i would hate to break the law by not buying your mandated insurance.

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