I don’t often bother ranting on this site.
I fact…number of rants thus far till now = 0
This pretentious load of crap really bugged me.

FFS! Anyone who actaully believes this please go and read anything at all about art history. You don’t need to study it, just read something. Pretty much anything.

The “old artists” that are remembered were for the most part (there’s allways a certain amount of tools in any group) inspired, brilliant, anti establishment, and cutting edge in their day.Oh and most of them were cool as fuck to boot.Here’s some starting points for those under the impression art in museums was made by and for boring old men. This is off the top of my head and by no means a best of, but just read a little about the lives of these people…then tell me how stayed and stodgy they were.Modigliani.Dali.LempikaBasquiatDelacroixMorrisot

ETC ETC ETC ETC till the cows come home.
All fall into the “Old Art” according to redbubble….bah! grrrr arg and so on…
It bothers me people think galleries and museums are not accessible…you like, just walk in?
/end rant.

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