People Know Nothing!!

i can sit here and say so many things that i want to say. I can sit here and say it in the most renowned, the most elaborate, most outspoken speech that the most famous speaker in the world could write. But it would still mean the same thing:

“Fuck what you think you may know!!”

The world goes on and on, spinning, manipulating, groveling at the feet of the people who live in it. We use each other for the gain of ourselves, and for what?? What could we possibly use our money for when we die?? Nothing thats what. We build, we destroy, we go on with our lives thinking nothing of it. We spend each day of our sometimes useless lives thinking, “when i die, my name will be remembered.” You know who’s names are actually remembered?? The people who made a difference. Even as you;re reading this, you’re thinking, “But i am making a difference..” Fuck what you may think you’re doing!! People are so self righteous at the fact that they can say they are changing the world. n reality people die every minute of some disease, or gunfire from people who don’t share their same views, or the color of their skin, or because they just feel like shit. You wanna make a difference?? get off your ass and learn more about the real world. Learn more about the fact that the biggest “terrorist attack” was a lie. Learn more about how our economy is decreasing on purpose cause the government has something planned for the world. Learn more about the real things in life. Maybe then you’ll be more inclined or get off your ass and prove it!!

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