Dear God I'm overwhelmed

I pray to you again- for the strength to be stong. Feeling so weak at this point in time.
my heart is feeling lost- feeling down in the dumps.
Sadness overwhelmed my soul again.

the temptation overwhelmes me.
why do i become so weak. why is my heart so sad? what ever happened to thoes smiles i just shared with the world?
every moment i’m ready to break down in tears.

feeling so alone.

wanting to be held. wanting to feel the love that was promised.wanting to be someones everything.wanting to be the one and only. feeling second best.- alone.

when is the pain goin to stop?
when will you lift the rocks from my shoulders? they are weighing me down. pushing me farther into the ground.

trying to breath for air.
drowning in quicksand.
someone pull me out.
help me.
let me breath.
let the sun soak into my skin.
give me your hand.
show me i’m not alone.

wont you stand by my side
stand tall?

hold my head up-
Lord knows i cant seem to do it on my own.

feelings of worthlessness
feeling meaningless
not good enough-
dear God make my mind stable.

my hands shake. my mind goes blank- a numb expression. a lost smile.
my heart pounds ready to explode- but why.
why am i troubled?

whats going on?

who’s messing with my world? painting my skies. tampering with my desires my emotions?

please stop.

hold me
love me
take me as i am
make me strong

overwhelmed by temptation-
make it stop
make it go away
it hurts

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