lost in a moment

i closed my eyes and made believe- there i stood ontop of a mountain with my prince at my side. the sky i painted was so perfect in color, many shades of orange red yellow and a tint of purple, the sun was close to setting. the grass was the greenest and softest you could ever step foot on. the flowers bloomed so full, and the birds always sang your favorite love song. there i stood- lost in a moment.

i prance around in the field of dreams.
i play tag with the butterflies.
i march with the ants.
i become real again.

my head held high, because there i stood on top of the world.

no one able to tell me no- or which way to go. that i’m right or wrong- its my world we play by my rules. i’m the queen.
i put up a wall- the evil ones cant get in- its safe here. no worries, no doubts, no sadness. despair and heartache and tears- you cant come in. i will send the dragons after you if you dare.

i sat upon the rocks dipping my feet in a cool running river , watching the fish swim by. i watched the bees gather honey and the beaver build its dam. i became lost in the moment.

the thunder cracked so hard shaking the house- i jumped from my bed with such a scare- realizing i’m not there anymore. i closed my eyes and got lost in the moment all over again.

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  • sharon gottschall
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