living a nightmare

come to a place with broken hearts,battered souls,tearful eyes,and where happiness is unheard of.
expierence lonely dreams.find yorself to realize what you felt was most needed and wanted turns out to mean nothing at all. feel the emptiness and suffer with it. expierence the pain you never thought existed. feel the hurt you never imagined, let it be the worst ever. watch yourself cry to sleep. see the tears fall for what seems like eternity. live in hell for the rest of your life.lose contact with yourself and others. welcome to a world that is cold,dark, misty and depressing. imagine if you could never leave. search for your lost smiles and laughs try to find love again. imagine dying a long, hard painful death. feel each stab slowly thrust into your skin,the blood drip down, your body goes numb,your eyes rolling back into your head.come to where pain is just the beginning and see how long the tortures last. witness your loved ones murdered before yor eyes. screams of mercy,shouts of pain and anger. how long will you survive? learn to trust noone ,nit even yourself. believe in what you see, but the images mean nothing. try to find a way to succeed, but remember:everything you do- you fail

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  • sharon gottschall