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any animal lover would like to know how to save your animal
If your pet stops breathing, do this NOW.

Here are the basic steps:

1. Assess Responsiveness. Before you start CPR, ensure that
your pet is not still breathing, and their heart is breathing.
If so, they DON’T need CPR.

2. Establish a PATENT airway. Perform 2 rescue breaths by wrapping
your hand around their muzzle and blowing into their nose. If the
chest rises, then the airway is patent. If the chest DOES NOT
rise, then you need to check for an OBSTRUCTION.

If this is the case then you need to do the HEIMLICH.

In this procedure you are holding your pet upside down,
their head is pointing down and their spine is against your
body. You give 5 sharp thrusts to the abdomen- you are putting
force on the abdomen to help dislodge any obstruction.

3. ONCE you have a patent airway- you give 2 rescue breaths.
When you see the chest rise and fall, and you know that the
airway is open, then you proceed to Step 4 – Circulation.

4. CIRCULATION. In this step you are compressing the chest,
and that in turn compresses the heart. This is best performed
by having your pet on their right side. The heart is easiest located
on the left side of the chest, behind the left armpit.
For a large dog use 2 hands, For a cat use your thumb and forefinger.
Compress 15 compressions- 3 compressions every 2 seconds, then follow
this up with 2 rescue breaths.

Continue until your pet starts breathing again or you have emergency
care at a Veterinarian.

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