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help the ferals

this is so hard , this is what i am fighting ever day in my life with people
throwing cats out , this cat has been a feral that i also have been trying to catch for last 9/10 years, he will never come to any one , he sees a human he is gone
because someone was an ass and throw him out this is the first time i have seen
him in a long time,

and wish there where more people to help,
i really thankful the people who try to do what ever they can to help these poor little animals that get thrown out because someone didn’t want them
or they moved and left them behind
this is bothering me today because this poor little guy , he deaf, crossed eyed ,
and is beaten down by the weather other animals and the lack of
veterinaran care
i have seen a lot in the 23 years of doing animal rescue and foster them till they do find homes ,it is really hard , but i keep going.
because i can not save them all but i have had the good out weigh the bad
these photos were taken to night , if elisabeth and ray did not rescue those
feral kittens and trying hard to get the mother , this could have been them
or they would not be here at all. i cry every time i see this and this is what i am doing now, my tears are for them

so if you can PLEASE try to help in area as much as you can even if it is one
cat or dog at a time,

thank you for reading
sorry it has bothered me for along time this is what makes me
do what i do.

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